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Beauty Secret From India

Have you ever noticed how Indian women have the most beautiful and shiniest hair? They use coconut oil. It’s great for the scalp and a scalp massage with coconut oil will promote blood circulation, hair growth plus a deep conditioning treatment for the hair. Use a tablespoon of coconut oil, heat it up and massage on your head. Leave on for 1 – 2 hours before washing off!

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Showing Your Portfolio

Set your portfolio down and let the agent look through it at his or her own pace. Don’t babble and give commentary as the agent looks through it. If they have a question, they will ask you. Often they are looking and thinking – so allow them their silence while they do their ‘job’. Let the photos speak for themselves. Don’t apologize for any photos; if they are bad, they shouldn’t be in your portfolio. Don’t worry if the agent doesn’t like some of the shots. They may feel the photos give you the wrong image. Once they have finished looking through your portfolio, then ask for their opinion. Free advice is just that – FREE! Remember to thank you the agent for their time!


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