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Harmful Beauty Routines

BLEACHING YOUR TEETH: Hydrogen peroxide is used in most teeth whitening products (professional and at home). This can cause changes to tooth enamel, making it weaker and increase sensitivity. While teeth whitening is not permanent, the harmful effect on your teeth will be.

LASH EXTENSIONS: Lash extensions can seem like a miracle product. They visually thicken and lengthen your real lashes. BUT – lashes have to be applied using semi-permanent glue, with touch ups every 3-4 weeks. The bad news is that you can suffer hair loss of your natural eyelashes, develop an irritation or infection due to the glue or bacteria that your extensions can catch.

As with all beauty rituals, carefully consider the benefits versus the consequences! Most likely, the short term benefits won’t justify the long-term damage.

-John Casablancas Blog

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Real Actors Do What?

  1. Real actors learn to act in theatre. If you can’t act on stage, you aren’t good enough to be an actor! Stage acting is where you learn and gain experience, build your resume and make important industry connections
  2. Real actors don’t care about impressing anyone – they act because they love to act and everything that comes with acting. In other words, their passion overrides everything else and everyone’s opinions
  3. Real actors develop their talent, are committed and dedicated – it’s called hard work!
  4. Real actors understand that 99.9% of the time, overnight success is a fantasy

- John Casablancas Blog

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